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Ellis Wheeler

Ellis learnt website design and creation 5 years ago and has been doing it ever since. He enjoys playing around with the visual aspects of websites, making them eye-catching, interesting and creative. Ellis wants to make your website 'pop' and draw in the observer.

He also wants to create a cheerful, welcoming environment for all new clients to discuss their needs and work as a team to provide the best results. Ellis will consult with you to make sure that what you require is successfully put onto your website in a professional, but friendly manner, all at a competitive price.

Jordan Branch

Jordan has worked creating and managing websites for 4 years. If there is a technical issue with the website or something just doesn't quite feel right then Jordan is your man! He is also adept at sniffing out potential hackers and keeping your website safe.

Jordan has experience with the more technical aspects of website maintenance and construction such as servers, hosting and domain names. He has a Degree in Business and Computing and will make sure your website flows and keeps visible to the public at all times.

Both Jordan & Ellis can provide short courses on how to maintain and get the very best out of your new website.

Valour Designs as a team aim to please and create something that both looks and feel incredible to own and share on the world wide web! If you simply don't know where to start, are worried that you won't get any traffic to your new website or just need some friendly website design and creation advise, then give the team a call or email to discuss your website requirements today!

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Ellis Wheeler - 07426 934 939

Jordan Branch - 07388 058 217

Email - info@valourdesigns.co.uk

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